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Services We Offer

Dealer Lifts originally began as a dealer partner for installation of suspension lift kits, tires, wheels, and off-road accessories on brand new SUVs and Trucks. However shortly after our inception we were constantly asked if we performed services like alignments, oil changes, engine work, among other things. And our answer was always “absolutely YES”! So, we decided to take our 50+ years of collective automotive experience and begin offering full automotive services to our partners, customers, friends, and family. 

We are proud to continue our heritage as North Carolina’s premiere off-road accessory provider and are now offering service for any make and model of vehicle, off-road or not! Here are some of the more popular services we offer (but certainly not limited to):

Wheel & Tire

Tire Rotation

Computer-Aided 4-Axix Wheel Alignment

Flat Tire Repair

Brake Service 

Brake Pad, Rotor, Caliper Repair and Inspection for ABS & Power Brake Systems

ABS System Diagnostics  & Repair

Power Brake System Diagnostics and Repair

Suspension & Steering

Industry-leading 10-day Post Suspension install check-up

Complete Suspension Lift, Lower, Level Sales and Installation

Full Servicing of all Front Ends

Steering Systems on all Make and Models

Gear & Differential

Transmission Fluid Replacement

Differential and 4WD Transfer Case Diagnostics and Repair

Front/Rear Axles, Bearings, CV Joint Diagnostics, Repair, Replacement

Automatic Transmission Diagnostic and Repair

Manual Transmission Repair

Fluid & Filter

Conventional Synthetic, High Mileage Oil and Filter Service

Fluid Changes on all Makes/Models

Fluid Leak Diagnosis

Engine Cooling System Service


30, 60, 90, 120K Service

Timing Belt Replacement

Complete Computer-Aided Tune-Ups

Computer Diagnostics

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Fuel Injection System Service

Engine Repair and Replacement

A/C & Heating

Complete A/C, Heating System Rebuild

A/C Evacuate and Recharging

Leak Diagnosis

Climate Control and Electrical Diagnostics

Heat Box Repair

Heater Core Repair

A/C Leak Oil Dye Testing


Complete Cabin and Exterior Diagnostics and Repair

Advanced Electrical Diagnostics and Repair Starter & Alternator Replacement

Battery Replacement

Window Motor Service and Repair

Yet Another 5-Star Review From a Satisfied Customer

...James did a great job installing the cover, plus made sure that I was informed on proper care and maintenance of the unit. He also registered my warranty for me...James and Bovee assured me they could take care of my problem. Man they sure did! They installed 2 light pods for me, they look great and work fantastic . I can see now. Thanks guys.

Jerry Hart - Google Reviews 

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